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Sharad Cocasse - CEO

Sharad founded Perceptive Solutions in 2008 to provide software technology expertise to businesses in Upper Midwest. With over 25+ years of experience in programming, databases, and solution architecture. Sharad brings the combined experience of over 100+ clients to your projects. 

Jamie Page - Partner and IT Architect

Jamie has held several senior IT leadership roles in large organizations in Minnesota. As technology continues to increase in importance, every company is increasingly a technology company, and with this, in mind, Jamie works closely with our clients to design and deliver software solutions.

Frank Carlson - Solutions Architect

Prior to joining Perceptive, Frank served in several IT leadership roles. Most recently, he was Chief Digital Officer of a construction firm helping lead digital transformations. Frank’s sweet spot is collaborating with others to find creative solutions when “nay-sayers” say it can’t be done.

Jim Engelking - Solutions Architect

Jim guides our customers through the maze of technology adoption. He has more than 30 years of experience in IT Management, Software Architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Business Analytics. Jim relies on this experience to make every project a success.

Girjesh Raje - Solutions Architect

Girjesh Raje is passionate about bringing people, processes, and information together to bring transformational change. He has rich experience in designing and delivering complex IT projects for mid and large-sized organizations during this extensive career in Information Technology.


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Shelly Kamble - Marketing Manager

Shelly leads the marketing efforts at our firm. She’s an avid traveler and a music aficionado. Prior to joining Perceptive, she graduated with a degree in business management.



You are in good hands!

We are a team of software professionals, specializing in providing enterprise software solutions to mid and large-sized businesses. We have over 100+ clients in the upper Midwest region and have experience working with industries such as Manufacturing, Banking, Electronics, healthcare, Financing, E-Commerce, Legal, Housing, Restaurant, Technology, Agriculture, Construction, Trucking, Distribution, and Marketing to name a few.