Software and Data Migration

Need to migrate your old software and data over to the new product? No problem – we have done it before and can help

ERP and CRM data migration

Your legacy ERP or CRM system has lived it live, and now you want to migrate your data from the past 20 years to work with a new system – this can be tricky for sure. We have developed a repeatable process to map database schemas between two different systems and can assist you with this difficult task.


Migrate APPLICATIONS to the Cloud
Tired of managing your old ”box” in the server room and want to move the application to the cloud? Great! Call us and we can install the software for you in AWS, Azure, IBM, or Google Cloud
Migrate DATA to the Cloud

Want to get the reliability and availability benefits of moving your data to the Cloud? Call us, we can help.


Network file shares to the Cloud

Cloud-based file sharing is increasingly the trend. With organizations using tools such as Office 365, Google G-Suite and DropBox, etc., there is a need to migrate files and folders from an on-premises network server to the Cloud. We use advanced tools to migrate these files while retaining their security settings, versions and meta-data.