Perceptive Solutions


Perceptive Solutions, a leader in the cattle feed yard operation running state-of-the-art feed yards across north Texas and southwest Kansas. As the second largest cattle feeder in the United States, Friona Industries faced challenges in analyzing data using traditional methods.

To overcome these limitations and optimize their operational efficiencies sought to modernize their Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities. 


Problem Statement:

Heavy reliance on Excel reports for operational and financial analysis.  

Limited ability to extract meaningful insights from traditional reporting methods.  

The dependence of business users on the IT team for report generation 

Challenges in compiling metrics for timely reporting.  


Create a highly usable and interactive Business Intelligence capability.  

Accelerate and improve decision-making through data visualization.

Increase operational efficiency by leveraging data knowledge.  


Integrated Business Intelligence solution on Microsoft Power Platform  

Analytical data modeling in SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).  

Interactive dashboards and reports in Microsoft Power BI.  

Automated data collection from business systems  


Streamlined Business Data Analysis:  

Easy and efficient analysis for essential workers.  

Comprehensive data insights.  

Elimination of request/wait time.  

Enhanced Decision-Making:  

Empowered decision-makers through data visualization.  

Quick identification of risks and opportunities.  

Collaborative Reporting:  

Dashboards and reports available to key stakeholders and operational leaders.  

Interactive reports with advanced sorting and data drill-down capabilities for deeper analysis.  


Through the strategic adoption of BI solutions, Perceptive Solutions revolutionized its cattle-feeding business. These capabilities empowered the business with easy-to-use data analytics tools, accelerating decision-making, optimizing internal processes, and increasing operational efficiency. Perceptive Solutions now stands as a prime example of how leveraging business intelligence can transform an industry leader, driving growth and success in a competitive market.